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Ferryspeed Embarks on a Digital Journey with Prosperity 24/7

Ferryspeed Embarks on a Digital Journey with Prosperity 24/7

Ferryspeed is pleased to announce the launch of a new company-wide Digital Champions initiative which aims to improve departmental collaboration and process efficiencies through effective implementation of the Microsoft 365 suite.

Used by over a million businesses worldwide, Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365) is host to a range of Office applications including Teams, SharePoint, Word, Excel, Outlook, and OneDrive.

As part of the company's commitment to continuous technological development, and with the assistance of Channel Islands business consultancy company Prosperity 24/7, Ferryspeed is hosting a variety of workshops for senior staff to develop their Microsoft skills and encourage its use in everyday communications.

What is the Digital Champions Project?

Spearheading the Digital Champions Project is group compliance manager Myles Le Basse Fitton, who is looking forward to seeing the company reap the benefits of better utilisation of the Microsoft 365 suite:

“Until recently, my personal experience of Office 365 has been through the apps we all use on a daily basis, such as Outlook, Word and Excel.  Last year we were approached by Prosperity 24/7 who explained just how much the Office 365 suite had to offer and how other businesses were utilising it to bring about significant efficiencies and improve overall collaboration and communication”.

“The Office 365 training we are offering staff is the first step in us being able to connect and collaborate virtually anywhere, at any time. We have supervisors, administrators, senior management, and apprentices all engaged with the programme. This works hand in hand with our internationally accredited Quality Management System where we continually and collectively work to simplify, standardise, and improve many processes and tasks”.

“Office 365 will enable our staff to work efficiently on the go as well as in the office, and ultimately improve how we communicate both internally and externally in what is becoming an increasingly digitalised world. This is the first step of what promises to be a very exciting journey.”

What are the top three most underused Microsoft 365 features?

Geraldine Evans, chief learning officer at Prosperity 24/7, has identified several ways in which Ferryspeed can benefit from Microsoft 365 development and training.

“There are many features that are underused or just not used at all as they are not known about in the first place,” Geraldine commented.

“From our experience, we have found that an upgrade to Office 365 can happen behind the scenes without any of the business understanding and realising the value the platform can bring. Office 365 isn’t just an upgrade; it offers huge opportunities in improving productivity, communication, and collaboration across an organisation.”

Geraldine advised that three of the most underused Microsoft 365 features which offer improved ways of working include:

  • Co-editing/co-authoring documents in “real-time”
  • Microsoft Teams – central hub for communication, collaboration, video conferencing and productivity
  • Power Platform – this suite of tools offers the ability to driving digital transformation with the use of online forms, mobile applications, and dynamic MI dashboards.

These features and apps encourage businesses to work collaboratively, creating shared spaces for discussion through Teams and allowing remote workers to remain involved in projects, with full access to documents on your shared drive. Technologies such as Power Platform allow businesses to automate organisational processes and repetitive tasks, saving time and resources so that teams can focus on more valuable projects.

While these Microsoft 365 features are accessible to every Microsoft for Business user, until teams receive training, these opportunities often remain undiscovered or underutilised.

How can the transport industry as a whole benefit from Microsoft 365 training?

As an industry leader in the transport and logistics sector, Ferryspeed understands the importance of staying abreast of technological innovation to enhance services and improve efficiencies within the company.

Geraldine notes how many transport companies can get too comfortable with obsolete technology, commenting: “The Transport and Logistics sector has traditionally trailed behind in the digital transformation curve when compared to other sectors”.

“Office 365 gives Ferryspeed the opportunity to implement digitally enabled solutions to ensure they can be nimble and agile to adjust to any situation.  Having a digital model will optimise operations and efficiencies, boost operational visibility and connectivity across the organisation and ultimately improve on the customer experience.”

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