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A Warm Welcome to Nick and Chris Green

A Warm Welcome to Nick and Chris Green

Ferryspeed’s customers can look forward to enhanced service performance and innovation in service delivery thanks to the recent appointment of Nick and Chris Green as Group Development Director and Group Sales Manager respectively. 

Having worked closely with Ferryspeed for many years in their previous roles, Nick and Chris bring a wealth of experience in offshore island shipping, operations excellence, and sales management.

Introducing Nick Green – Group Development Director

Nick has over 25 years of operations experience, specialising in the unique requirements of offshore shipping to locations including the Isle of Man and Channel Islands.

Since joining Ferryspeed in March, Nick has thoroughly studied the operation of the company, with a view to producing a strategy which will streamline processes and improve the efficiency of all Channel Island services. As part of his role, Nick has been tasked with enhancing Ferryspeed’s day-to-day operations through the introduction of new technologies and analytical insight, facilitating the improvement of the customer experience at every touchpoint.

Nick believes that offshore freight requires specialist solutions and recognises Ferryspeed’s vital presence for businesses on the Channel Islands. He explains: “Through my experience in freight operations, I have always noted Ferryspeed as an industry-leading force in Jersey and Guernsey shipping.  Ferryspeed provides an essential service to businesses on the Channel Islands, and I look forward to enhancing and developing these services with the help of the Ferryspeed team.”

Nick continues: “I am grateful to Ferryspeed for making me feel so welcome. I joined the company during the coronavirus crisis and was impressed to see the team continuing to operate at extremely high levels. I am looking forward to working hand-in-hand with my colleagues here and developing long-term relationships with Channel Island businesses as we collaborate to bring fast, efficient shipping to the Islands and across the UK and Europe.”

When not at work, Nick enjoys home cooking, football, and travel. Relocating back to his home in the South East for his new role at Ferryspeed was a welcome transition, with Nick describing the move as an “unmissable career opportunity”.

Introducing Chris Green – Group Sales Manager

With over 20 years of operational and commercial experience in the freight industry, and sales experience outside of the transport sector, Chris brings a unique perspective to the role of Group Sales Manager.

“Since beginning my role at Ferryspeed, I have been warmly welcomed by the team,” Chris said. “I’ve hit the ground running and am excited to bring my many years of combined operations and commercial freight experience to the company, and really make a difference to the day to day operation.”

Chris began working in the freight industry after leaving school, undertaking both operational and commercial roles. As Group Sales Manager, Chris bridges the gap between the company and our customers, offering great insight into how Ferryspeed can enhance the service and value it provides.

Chris explains: “After working so closely with Ferryspeed over the years, it’s a pleasure to be offered a role within the company. In my earlier career, I specialised in offshore shipping, and I am looking forward to offering my experience and knowledge to customers shipping to the Channel Islands and Europe.”

About Ferryspeed

With depots in Portsmouth, Jersey, Guernsey, and Leicester, Ferryspeed is the one-stop-shop for all your freight distribution needs. We specialise in door-to-door parcel, pallet, and full load distribution to and from the Channel Islands, but also offer a comprehensive portfolio of UK, Isle of Wight and international freight collection and delivery services. For more information, or to get a quote, call us on 023 9262 7000.


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